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Recreate with caution this Easter

9th April 2020

Easter weekend is upon us and while it’s normally a time to get outside and enjoy the National Park, the Cairngorms National Park Authority is urging everyone to follow the Government guidance and to stay at home.

Despite it being a holiday weekend, it should not be treated as such and people should only go out for recreation once a day and in doing so, should observe the social distancing advice that has been issued.

Grant Moir, Chief Executive of the CNPA said: “If you are able to, Park residents should enjoy a walk or a bike ride this weekend – it is important for our physical and mental wellbeing – but people must stay close to home and not travel to enjoy these activities. And anyone thinking about visiting the Cairngorms National Park from elsewhere, must not travel here, but instead remain at their primary residence.

“The National Park’s economy is reliant on a successful tourism industry – and we look forward to welcoming visitors back in due course – but for that to happen quickly, it will need everyone to follow the rules and to stay at home to save lives.”

The CNPA is also reminding people that the Scottish Outdoor Access Code still applies during the lockdown with particular emphasis on protecting farming livelihoods by keeping dogs on leads in or close to farms where there are pregnant ewes and lambs.

Adam Streeter-Smith, an Outdoor Access Officer with the CNPA commented: “For dog owners our advice is that during spring and early summer, pets are better off on a lead near farmland. A dog allowed to run loose among sheep can have devastating consequences. Farming is important to the economy and the natural environment of the National Park so it crucial that we all do our bit to ensure there is little disruption to the agriculture industry. People taking their exercise during the Covid-19 outbreak in or near farmland should also carefully consider their route, to avoid having to touch gates, fences or stiles. And if you do have to open a gate be sure to close it behind you.”