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Renewable Energy Policy – draft

27th January 2004

In 2000 the UK Government established a policy objective to have 10% of UK electricity requirements supplied by renewables by 2010. In 2002, 11% of Scotlands electricity was generated by hydro schemes alone, with new renewable projects making up another 2%. A further increase of 5% is proposed under the Renewables Obligation (Scotland) which will take the Scottish total to 18% by 2015;the EU target is 12%.

Scotland is considered to have the best wind resources in Europe (on and offshore) and enormous potential from tidal and wave power.

The Cairngorm National Park Authority’s Interim Planning Policy No1. (consultation draft) can be seen by clicking here, pdf format, or text format, and comments are invited. All comments must be submitted to The Planning Officer, Cairngorms National Park Authority, Ground Floor, Albert Memorial Hall, Ballater, AB35 5QB, by 1st March 2004. You can also telephone us on 01479 870538 or send an email to: [email protected]