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Stay local and plan ahead as restrictions ease

28th May 2020

The Scottish Government has today confirmed the easing of some of the Covid-19 restrictions and the Cairngorms National Park Authority is urging people to continue to follow the rules and stay local in order to keep everyone safe.

People can work outdoors, travel locally to take exercise, do more activities within local communities, and can meet friends and family from one household at a time outside, while maintaining physical distancing.

Grant Moir, Chief Executive of the CNPA said: “I would like to thank everyone in the Park for pulling together during lockdown by staying home and staying local. Now we are moving towards the gradual easing of restrictions, protecting public health remains the first priority for us all. I know people are desperate to stretch their wings a little further but we must continue to obey the rules.

“We are urging people to be patient and not to visit the National Park. Most car parks and all toilets are closed so if you live locally it is worth checking before you go. If you get somewhere and it feels too busy, then it probably is and you should be prepared to adapt your plans.

“The Scottish Government’s new advice is to travel no more than five miles from your home to recreate and if you can do this by walking or cycling to that destination all the better. Please do continue to make use of local path networks and observe social distancing at all times to stop the spread of coronavirus.”

Concerns have been raised that particular areas will be busy and there could be problems with litter, dogs out of control or fires.

“Whether there is a global pandemic or not, people should always look after the Cairngorms National Park by following the Scottish Outdoor Access Code,” said Head of Visitor Services at the CNPA, Pete Crane.

Please take your litter home, keep dogs under control, do not light fires or BBQs at this time and if you need the ‘loo’ go at home before you leave. Please also be mindful of ground nesting birds and other wildlife.

“If everyone is adhering to the guidance this will allow us to concentrate on working with partners to get car parks and public toilets open, recruiting seasonal rangers as extra support on the ground and coordinating up to date information so that when restrictions are lifted further people can plan ahead before they visit.

“The choices people make at this time will keep the Cairngorms National Park a safe place to live and work so let’s be kind, respectful and look out for each other by caring for ourselves, our families and our communities.”

The CNPA has set up a new web page, which will go live tomorrow (Friday 29th May) where information on car parks, toilets and other essential details will be gathered regularly from the relevant local landowners and published to the Park Authority website