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Take a Wee Walk with Nature – a Fungi Walk

23rd September 2020

A walk with Fungi –  in search of nature’s most important kingdom

September, evenings are drawing in, mornings have that wee nip and the leaves are beginning to change, all signs that it’s time to get outdoors for a wee walk to discover fungi.

Autumn provides the moist conditions when these fascinating organisms grow and feed. The main body of fungus, mycelium, lives underground in the soil in all habitats, they are vital for soil health as they recycle nutrients needed for living plants to thrive. In autumn their fruiting bodies grow up through the soil and are the mushrooms and toadstools we are all familiar with. As these fruiting bodies ripen their seeds, known as spores are released into the air and start the next generation.

There are hundreds of different sorts of fungi, from the very common to the quite rare and from the edible to the poisonous. Take a wee walk anywhere in the Cairngorms National Park and you will quickly spot a huge variety of fungi growing amongst the leaf litter, on open grass fields and verges, protruding from ancient tree trunks and on dead decaying vegetation. They come in a huge fascinating variety of fruiting body shapes, sizes and colours.

The Cairngorms National Park seasonal rangers have been spotting many different types of fungi whilst out patrolling the local footpaths around our communities, he’s some for you to look out for whilst you’re out enjoying wee walks in the park.