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Fire management consultation

We want to hear your views on recreational fires in the National Park

The risk – and potential impacts – of wildfires in the Cairngorms is increasing and we want to hear your views about what should be done about it.

Over the next few weeks, residents, organisations and others with a passion for the National Park are being asked to take part in a consultation on fire management, including the potential introduction of fire byelaws.

We heard from many concerned residents following the prolonged dry spell in early summer last year and this consultation is your chance to make your voice heard on the subject of recreational fires. 

We have outlined three potential ways forward, ranging from a no byelaw option to a year-round byelaw; however, the Park Authority does not have a preferred option as part of this process. Instead, we are keen to gather feedback from a range of different perspectives to inform our long-term plans.

The three potential options on recreational fires are:

  1. No fire byelaw, but enhanced communication and education
  2. A fire byelaw at times of high fire risk
  3. A year-round fire byelaw

Follow the link below to read our fire bylaw consultation document and find out what each option entails, or get in touch to request a paper copy of the consultation document.

The deadline for responses is 17 April.

Read the consultation document Complete the survey