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Guidance note on the management of informal camping in the Cairngorms National Park

Land Management

9th January, 2020

Purpose of this guidance note

1.    Wild camping and informal camping (as defined in annex 1) is practised throughout the Cairngorms National Park giving great pleasure to a considerable number of people. The vast majority of people camp in a responsible fashion and cause few problems.

2.    The CNPA recognises that for some land managers, both private and public, informal camping can be a nuisance and develop into a persistent problem. Issues associated with informal camping do occur from time to time throughout the Park, commonly close to roads and water, but on the whole they are well managed by the land managers especially with the active support of rangers.

3.    This guidance note sets out the respective roles of land managers and the CNPA in managing informal camping issues when they occur and sets out the mechanisms to address them in the longer term. It sets out the respective roles of those engaged in tackling issues associated with informal camping and the monitoring required by the CNPA to justify management interventions at any given site.

4.    The CNPA recognises that issues may also arise, that are similar in nature, with irresponsible use of bothies and overnight stays in campervans and motorhomes. Elements of this guidance note will cover suitable management options but it must be stressed that overnight stays in campervans or motorhomes is not covered by access rights.

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