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Junior Rangers

The Cairngorms National Park Junior Ranger Project is an exciting, fun and adventurous outdoor learning programme based in the Park for young people aged 11–18 years.

Junior Ranger girls
Junior Ranger girls

If you are interested in…

  • Finding out about the Cairngorms National Park
  • Learning about the work of Countryside Rangers
  • Nature conservation
  • Outdoor activities
  • Meeting new people

…then the Cairngorms National Park Junior Ranger Project is for you!

Who is involved?

The project involves pupils from secondary schools in the five local authority areas of the National Park, working alongside ranger services and other partners in the Park. It is based on a European model of engaging young people in fun, practical activities in Protected Areas that provides them with new skills and the opportunity to act as ambassadors for the National Park.

How does it work?

An initial 5 day programme involves:

  • Visits and talks
  • Conservation tasks
  • Outdoor activities
  • Sharing experiences with friends and family
  • Achieving the John Muir Discovery Award
  • Graduating as a Cairngorms National Park Junior Ranger

Graduates then take part in a follow-on programme which operates one day a month, where they:

  • develop skills, knowledge and understanding from the initial programme
  • use new skills in meaningful and real situations
  • act as Youth ambassadors for the Cairngorms National Park
  • can participate in International Camps and exchanges
  • achieve John Muir Explorer Award

Guiding principles and values of the Junior Ranger Project

  • Based on experiential, practical, fun and inspirational activities in Protected Areas
  • Managed by rangers, according to the idea of ‘learning by doing’
  • A non-discriminatory programme which requires a professional approach and high standards of quality
  • Aspires to high environmental standards
  • Aims to promote international exchange, to develop positive, cooperative and social skills, and to encourage the active citizenship of young people
  • A connection between Europarc Protected Areas and “local” young people
  • Cooperation between Rangers – Parks – Europarc

Do you have any other questions?

For more information or to get involved in Junior Rangers contact Alan Smith, Outdoor Learning Officer Tel: 01479 870518

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