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Cairngorms National Park

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Cairngorms Green Recovery Fund

The Cairngorms Recovery Fund has been established to support essential community and business recovery actions post COVID

Cairngorms Green Recovery Fund

The Cairngorms Green Recovery Fund aims to help communities and local businesses by supporting projects to create economic growth, jobs, protect nature and address climate change. The fund is made up of £100,000 from the CNPA and a further £30,000 from the Cairngorms Trust and has four guiding principles:

  1. To support projects that are focused on green solutions.
  2. To support the well-being and economic growth of communities.
  3. To support employment.
  4. To support the long term aims of the Cairngorms National Park.

Groups eligible to apply for the Fund include:

  • Community Bodies,
  • Registered Charities,
  • Business Associations and Nature/Climate Bodies or Partnerships.

Individual businesses may be eligible to apply but are encouraged to do so as groups or partnerships working together. The Fund will be open for applications on Thursday 20 August and will close on 20 September – all successful applications must have their projects completed by 31 March 2021.

Below you can find guidelines on how to apply along with an application form and details of the project criteria. We encourage anyone interested in applying to the fund to contact us to register their interest and to allow us to provide any updates on the Fund if necessary.

Supporting communities and local businesses

Apply for the Green Recovery Fund

Please read the application guidance and criteria before completing and returning the application form to [email protected]