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200 Years of the Lonach Highland and Friendly Society: in conversation with the Gordon family

By The Gordon Family on 29th November, 2023

Lucy, Alanah and Cameron Gordon’s family have been involved with the Lonach it…

Lucy, Alanah and Cameron Gordon’s family have been involved with the Lonach Highland and Friendly Society since it began and have been farming at Lost Farm for 300 years. We caught up with them to mark the 200th anniversary of the Lonach Highland and Friendly Society. 

Five members of the Gordon family in highland dress at the Lonach Gathering 2023
L-R Alanah, George, Cameron, Charles, Lucy

What part do you play in the Lonach Games? 

We’re all involved in the games through the pipe band as well as from a community perspective. Alanah (aged 18) has been playing the pipes for nine years, Lucy (18) has been a tenor drummer for five years and Cameron (15) has played the snare drum for eight years. We all take part in the march; it’s an important part of the games and something we’re all proud to do. Our dad, along with other members of the committee, met His Majesty The King when he visited for the 200th anniversary. 

How important a role do you think highland games play? 

The Lonach Games are important to everyone in our community, no matter what their age. The event sees us all celebrate together and keep our traditions and stories going. The Lonach Highland and Friendly Society celebrated its 200th anniversary this year and our family have been farming here for around 300 years, so there’s lots of history there. Organising the games takes a lot of work. For the two weeks leading up to the event, our dad, granda, others on the committee and many volunteers are at the park grounds every night for the set up.  

What do the games mean to you? 

Everything! It is a huge highlight of the year. It is the one and only day when everything stops and families, neighbours and friends get together and celebrate. Alanah had the opportunity to play at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo this year – a huge honour – but she turned it down as it meant she couldn’t attend Lonach. We’ve attended the games every year since birth and none of us will ever miss it.

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