Cairngorms National Park

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Tourism in the Cairngorms National Park

Tourism and the Cairngorms National Park

7th April, 2017

Cairngorms National Park Visitor Survey 2014/2015 – this report contains the final results of the third, year long visitor survey and provides information on visitor demographics, behaviour and motivations. There is also a summary report that shows some of the key facts and figures.

Cairngorms National Park Visitor Survey 2009/2010 – this report contains the final results of a visitor survey carried out throughout the Park in 2009/10. These results will update existing baseline visitor data, and will inform ongoing destination development work and key wider policy areas, including the next National Park Plan (2012-17) and the Local Development Plan.

Tourism and the Cairngorms National Park – published in 2005, this booklet summarises the CNPA’s Strategy for Sustainable Tourism, ie the management of the impact of tourims on the envirnoment, local people and the local economy, and includes the results of an extensive Visitor Survey undertaken in 2003/2004. An update, produced in 2006, gives a snapshot of some of the work progressed.

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