Cairngorms National Park

Uath Lochans from Farleitter Crag, Kingussie

Cairngorms Nature

The Cairngorms is home to a quarter of the UK’s rare and endangered species. It contains Scotland’s largest, most natural habitats, and is home to the country’s most ambitious, landscape-scale nature conservation action

What does Cairngorms Nature do?

There are many different individuals and organisations doing fantastic conservation work in the national park. Cairngorms Nature brings this work together and focuses it over the next five years on a number of key, priority areas.

  • Landscape-scale conservation, including the expansion of woodland and the restoration of peatlands and wetlands
  • Focused action to improve the status of threatened or declining species
  • Involving people

Cairngorms Nature is the principal delivery mechanism for delivering the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy and the Six Big Steps for Nature in the Cairngorms National Park. The Cairngorms National Park Authority Biodiversity Delivery Agreement (PDF – 161KB), outlines the role that CNPA plays as a focus for collaboration, sharing effort and resources and setting the necessary level of ambition for conservation in the Cairngorms.

VolunteersLooking Back Over The Past Five Years

We have achieved a lot in the last five years and we have produced an interactive report detailing our achievements during the first Cairngorms Nature Action Plan 2013-2018. View the interactive report here

Pine ConeCairngorms Nature Action Plan 2018-2023 – Consultation

We are asking for your views on the next Cairngorms Nature Action Plan 2018-2023. Cairngorms Nature is a partnership for people and organisations to come together with a common desire to safeguard and enhance the outstanding nature in the Cairngorms National Park. The Action Plan describes the most important things to do over the next five years and provides a focus for the work of partners.

Read the draft plan and submit your comments here.

Find out more about some of our key areas of work