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Issue 8: Community Capacity and Empowerment

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  • Ensuring appropriate support structures are in place to help build community capacity, encourage empowerment and support community planning;
  • Ensuring representativeness, improving communication and encouraging greater participation from community bodies to undertake regular engagement activities;
  • Ensuring each community has enough volunteers to take advantage of new opportunities and proactively address issues;
  • Supporting and identifying opportunities to enable communities to take control of income-generating assets; and
  • Establishing local community planning structures within the five Community Planning Partnership areas.

Community Action Plan covers


  • Offer support to communities through locally based support organisations, with a presumption in favour of collaborative working;
  • Support communities to review and update their Community Action Plan at least every five years;
  • Work collaboratively through community planning structures to provide consistent and clear support and communications to communities;
  • Work collaboratively on and jointly resource shared priorities, involving communities of place and interest;
  • Offer support and advice to the Association of Cairngorms Communities and use it as a forum for broader engagement; and
  • Identify a new Spatial Priority Area to provide an enhanced level of assistance/collaboration over a focussed time period to the Dalwhinnie, Kingussie, Laggan and Newtonmore area.

Image showing a community discussion in Grantown-on-Spey


  • The LEADER Local Development Strategy
  • Community Development Officer network
  • The provision of external support and funding from regional or national bodies
  • Association of Cairngorms Communities providing a leadership role as a key organisation for National Park wide community-led activity
  • The creation of appropriate local community planning arrangements in each of the five Community Planning Partnership areas
RSPB warden and volunteers building a dam from natural materials to create wet woodland, Abernethy Forest, Scotland, September (Model released)Mark Hamblin/2020VISION/CNPA

When most recent Community Action Plans were produced

Map showing recent Community Action Plans


  • Are there sufficient support structures available to help build capacity and encourage empowerment, particularly in the most fragile communities?

  • How should communities be supported to maximise the opportunities provided by the Community Empowerment Act and Land Reform Act?

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