Cairngorms National Park


Cairngorms National Park Forest Strategy

The Cairngorms National Park Forest Strategy is the key document providing strategic direction on future forest management and the restoration of woodlands in the Cairngorms National Park over the next two decades

Consultation Period: 12 February 2018 - 23 March 2018


Specifically, the Forest Strategy will:

  • Help to deliver the forest related elements of the Cairngorms National Park Partnership Plan
  • Encourage new woodland creation that compliments other land-uses and the landscapes of the National Park
  • Identify key issues and opportunities affecting forests and woodlands in the National Park and provide policy guidance
  • Assist Forestry Commission Scotland in the appraisal of funding applications for woodland creation
  • Promote awareness of the value of encouraging more woodland creation in the National Park

The strategy will replace the Cairngorms Forest and Woodland Framework, produced in 2007 and will fill the gap left by the Local Authority Forest Strategies which no longer cover the National Park Area.

Our aim is to create a strategy that gives a strong sense of the great potential that forestry and woodland management brings for the future. Every reader will have views on whether different aspects of the strategy should have more or less emphasis.



Draft Cairngorms National Park Forest Strategy 2018 – Opens in a new window (PDF | 3MB)

Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) (PDF | 8MB)

Equalities Survey – Opens in a new window (PDF |4KB)

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