Cairngorms National Park

The snowy mountains of Cairngorms

Planning a Visit

The Cairngorms National Park is yours to explore and there are plenty of ways to enjoy it. There are also lots of different ways to find information to make it easy for you to plan your visit. The map below shows some of these such as visitor centres and ranger bases.

CNPA Mick Ashworth map
CNPA Mick Ashworth map

Three things help make the National Park stand out as a great place to visit:

  • There are a lot of different things to do – over 100 different activities taking place in one bit of the Park alone!
  • Nowhere else in Britain has this range of landscapes all in one place – it is a big place so there is plenty of opportunity to find something different to suit you and what you want to do.
  • The Park has Britain’s highest and most massive mountain range. It has the biggest and best ancient forests, vast moorlands, fields and villages, rivers and lochs, iconic species such as red squirrels, reindeer, ospreys, eagles, capercaillie and wildcats.

There are many visitor centres, ten ranger bases and lots more attractions and information centres to help you find what’s right for you – from the new visitor centre at Glenshee Pottery to a unique mini-museum in a roadside AA box.

There is literally hundreds of miles of paths and trails, maps and leaflets, hire shops, expert guides, cafes and car parks…pretty much everything you need.

Why don’t you explore and find out more?

Why don’t you use this free SNH guide to inspire you for a great day out, enjoying the best of The Cairngorm National Park’s natural and cultural attractions. Follow our easy to use itineraries, or create your own perfect day by using the detailed information provided on local must-see sites as well as some hidden gems.

Explore for a day Cairngorms-SNH

Alternatively you could follow Visit Scotland’s 4 day itinerary as a guide to plan a longer visit.

Cairngorms National Park Itinerary

One of the best ways to see the Cairngorms National park is to slow the pace a little and get out of your car. You can find out how to get around the Park without a car with our Cairngorms Explorer Leaflet.


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